Bob M. Montgomery

This is the home of my photographic endeavors. I shoot a wide range of images, including fine art, landscapes and event photography.

I’m also available for commercial commission assignments. If you’re interested in hiring me for commercial work, portraiture or stock images, please contact me at for pricing and scheduling.

I’ve been interested in photography for nearly my entire life. I got my first real camera in high school, a Canon T-50, and spent a year playing with black and white shooting and development. For a few years, I lapsed into snapshot shooting and set aside photography for music.

About 15 years ago, I was hired as a magazine editor, which spurred me to pick up the old T-50 and begin my slide film adventures. In the last decade, I’ve moved from slide to all digital, but in that time, I’ve managed to score dozens of magazine covers in national trade magazines. In the last few years, I’ve begun focusing on photography—hence, this site.

I aim to capture the unique, the odd and the fascinating, all while exploring light, time and motion on film.